Stitch Fix #31: Jogger Pants, My New Fashion Unicorn.

I have become obsessed with jogger pants. I’m super into them, I like the way they look on curves, I love them dressed up or down. I asked for a pair and I WANTED to love them.

Let’s just jump right into this bad boy:

  1. Michael Stars Knit Tank Dress
    michael stars dress
    Okay so this dress, it was good. The back detail was super cool (not pictured,) but it didn’t wow me. I’m really trying to only buy things that WOW me. I liked it, I didn’t love it.
    VERDICT: goes back.
  2. 41Hawthorn Denly Peplum Top-
    41hawthorn peplum.png
    I want a peplum to look good on me. I just think they’re so fun, I love them on other women, but for some reason I never pull the trigger on them. They just don’t do my body justice. I liked this, the material was amazing, but just not for me.
    VERDICT: goes back.
  3. & 4.Skies are blue Petteni Top & Market & Spruce Jogger Pant
    jogger pant

    So, let’s start with the top. Merp. That’s the exact sound that came out when I looked at myself in it. No good, knew right away it goes back. The pants, oh the pants. I like them. I want to LOVE them, but i just don’t. They’re fun and they’re tencel, so they feel incredible. I might regret sending them back, but for right now, I’m not in love.
    VERDICT: going back, may request again when we are going to Africa for safari.

5. Pixley Crissie Dress-
pixley crissie

Okay, so this was a surprise. It was a babydoll dress, I was thinking, eh… BUT THEN I PUT IT ON…AND IT HAS POCKETS, and scallop details! I love it so much. Easiest decision ever.
VERDICT: Keeping this. Either wearing this weekend for my birthday thing or to a rehearsal dinner in September.

Loved this Fix. Got to try new things, new silhouettes. I love pushing myself.

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