Stitch Fix 32: ALL the FALL things

This Fix was all about Fall. This photo perfectly describes me at all times during summer:
halloweenSeriously, besides my birthday being in August, I could basically skip summer except for maybe 2 weeks that would make me appreciate Fall even more.

I worked my ass off, literally, working out and eating right and rewarded myself with some sweet fall boots and an amazing dress from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I have been counting down the days until it’s cold enough to wear them, so it’s no surprise that I asked for all Fall things in my August Fix, I’m over summer and ready for all things that say fall!

Since I worked my butt off I decided I was willing to pay more for jeans, good jeans. I asked for more than one pair, just a lighter wash (which I didn’t own before because of insecurities, ) and if they had them, colored jeans. I’ve been wanting to try out DL 1961 jeans because I’ve heard they’re super soft and don’t lose their shape. I also wanted a super fall color and to try something I  haven’t before. I also asked for “All the Plaid!” Literally that’s what I said…ALL the plaid.

I’m so happy with what I got and love some pieces and am so unsure about what to keep. HELP!!!

Drumroll: here is everything.

  1. DL 1961 Cherise Skinny Jean


These are literally the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever put on my body. They fit like a glove, albeit they are rather short at a 28 inch inseam. I kinda like that, since they’ll work with sandals/flats and can roll for booties. I’m torn because they are A LOT of money. I love the lighter wash, and paired them with the booties, which I have in another photo. I’m debating these…
VERDICT: So unsure. They’re expensive and if I keep killing it at workouts maybe I should wait to buy a smaller size…

Lots in this photo:
2.Hailee C Morwen Top
3. Diba Selma Peep Toe Bootie
4. Level 99 Lilah Skinny Jean in Burnt OrangeLevel 99 jean
Okay, there’s a ton going on in this photo. Let’s start with the jeans. The Level 99s. This burnt orange color SCREAMS fall. I love the fit, I love the color, but my concern is…will they match anything other than this adorable plaid shirt?
VERDICT: Unsure, love the color and fit but I cannot justify two pants can I?

Hailee C Morwen Button Up: okay..this is adorable. I like the fit of this, it’s a different color than anything I have and the sleeves roll nicely. I’m almost sure I’m keeping it.
VERDICT: Pretty sure I’m keeping this. Love the plaid for fall.

The Diba Selma Peep toe booties are stupid comfortable. Which was shocking since it’s a 3 inch heel. I love them, I’m just not quite sure about how much use I’ll get from them. I need to try them with some fall dresses as well.
VERDICT: Do I do this? I love them, they’re comfortable, but I can’t wear them yet. Torn on them. I think I like a peep toe bootie with perforated holes or a cutout on the back or side.

5. Skies Are Blue Edmond Top
skies are blue top

My face says it all…haha. This shirt just did not fit my body. It was too tight on my chest and really loose and short on my torso. I loved the print, wish it would have worked.
VERDICT: Going back for sure.

Overall HELP! I cannot decide, do I go for the really pricey jeans that feel and look great, but potential for me to go down a size. Peep toe booties? Burnt orange pants?

I have until Sunday to checkout so I’m open to suggestions. What a great Fix, I love when the problem is you love TOO MANY things.

Here’s to another adventure in style!

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