Dr. Gross Hyaluronic Marine Modeling Mask Review

I have been struggling with my skin for the last three years. I have some type of rosacea, I cannot remember the name of it, but basically I call it the “Irish Red Skin.” Most Irish women I know suffer with it, redness in the cheeks.

I started seeing a facialist a while back and found an amazing serum that is great for daily use, but I’m always on the hunt for masks that will really hydrate my skin for special functions or to repair it after long wedding weekends.

Enter Dr. Gross Hyaluronic Marine Modeling Mask.

I found this from one of my favorite beauty instagrammers, makeupbymeggan. If you love makeup, follow her. She did my makeup for my brother’s wedding in New Orleans and I’m obsessed, her makeup is amazing and when she posted her results after this mask, I had to try.

I actually ordered the mask on qvc, it came with 8 treatments.

Each one has step 1 & 2. You mix these in a cup that comes with the pack. (You get 8 cups for each treatment so you can throw away after each use.)

Once mixed, quickly apply a thick layer all over Face.

I felt the effects immediately. It’s instantly cooling and felt amazing. After 15 minutes you peel it off. Super easy to do. The video is on my instagram.


Here’s my face after, it felt like I had a glow and makeup application was amazing.

Happy with the results and so happy to find this mask.

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