The Fall Legging You Want to Own


Clearly burgundy is my life this fall, but I had to share these leggings. They LOOK LIKE JEANS, moto jeans to be exact. Don’t be fooled, they are comfy, pj-feeling leggings.

I saw this on another blogger’s instagram post and immediately tracked them down.

They’re the BP Moto Legging and I have them in burgundy AND olive because they’re that amazing. SO easy to pair, this is my it’s fall but still hot out layering.

Shirt- Stitch Fix
Necklace- Rocksbox
Vest- TJ Maxx Find
Shoes- Lucky Brand Basel Zip Booties


I’ll do a write up of my braid as well soon! It’s my new favorite go-to for dirty hair that needs some life.


Happy Shopping!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yep, these moto leggings are divine! WANT. I just got my first pair of (black) moto leggings in a Stitch Fix shipment, and I want all the colors. These look like they have great structure, too. Are you just loving them?

    1. meganlogue81 says:

      These leggings are amazing! Got stitch fix leggings I love too! I want every color of these BP Moto leggings.

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