Good Night Macaroon Love

Have you heard of Goodnight Macaroon? Chances are you’ve seen something on Instagram and thought “Oh god, that’s perfection, I must own it,” and it’s from Goodnight Macaroon.

As a curvy woman I wasn’t sure their sizing would work for me, since everything is a bit smaller. I figured I’d try one of the final sale items and I’m so pleased that I did.

Here’s the top I ordered:


It’s a gorgeous striped top with a peplum ruffle bottom. I paired it with my nordstrom leggings and vince camuto tall boots. I’m in love with this super feminine piece and did makeup, hair and jewelry to match!

This top called for a tight fitting bottom to balance out my curves and the shirts proportions. I’d highly recommend leggings or super fitted skinny jeans.


I’m in love with it and will definitely be trying some of their other pieces as well.


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