Stitch Fix 36: Cozy Fall Pieces

I wanted this Fix to be all about cozy fall pieces. I wanted texture, pattern, details etc. I loved everything that was sent, it just wasn’t working on my body.

Let’s get right into what I got:

1.Market & Spruce Sweater Dress


I LOVE the idea of this dress. It’s super cozy, but it was way too big. I might need to change my sizing, (which is always nice to go down a size,) but as much as I wanted to love this, it was too big on me.
VERDICT: Going back sadly.

2. Look by M Scarf-


I love a good plaid scarf. This one is SO warm and I love the blues and neutral tones. I’m thinking I’m going to keep this, but debating.
VERDICT: unsure…

3. & 4. Pistola Skinny Jeans and Market & Spruce Poncho

dsc_0142  dsc_0139

Obviously my husband HATES ponchos, they’re not form-fitting at all But there’s something about this lil guy that I’m digging. Is it an over-sized fit, yes, but sometimes you just want that cozy fall/winter feel.

As for the jeans, I was loving them, until I saw these photos. They fit nicely but I’m not finding them terribly flattering.
VERDICT: Poncho, Unsure. Jeans, going back.

5. Brixon Ivy Hemsworth Blouse-


You know when you SEE something and think “YAY, this is going to be amazing,” but you put it on and immediately hate it…that is this shirt. I loved the lace details, I own very little dark green pieces, and for some reason this shirt is just Yuck on me. It flares out and makes me look bigger than I am, and I was so sad to dislike this shirt.

I paired it with the pistola jeans again, and now I’m debating keeping them again. Ha, such is the life of a shopaholic.

VERDICT: shirt goes back swiftly! Jeans…now debating.

Overall I loved my fix. The textures of the cable knit dress, the plaid, the lace, the dark green, the distressed denim. It was a great feel to everything, I just didn’t fall head over heels with anything.

Here’s to the next one, and adjusting my sizes so I get a better fit! Yay!

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