Good American Jeans: My Newest Love Affair

I have been stalking Khloe Kardashian’s jeans since the second she announced she was making them. If you haven’t heard about Good American Jeans, it’s time you heard.

Any woman with a smaller waist and giant booty is in for a treat with these. I drove to the closest mall that had them, and only ONE pair was in stock in my size. I tried it on and honestly, didn’t fall in love. It was a light wash (which I never wear,) but loved the FEEL of the jeans.

I took the plunge and I’m so glad I did. I promised myself when I went down a size, I was snapping up a pair of these jeans.

The only place that had them was the actual website, so I took a chance and ordered them, Free Shipping and Returns, so why not!

The jeans arrived during their 2-day shipping offer and I’m in love.

I went with the Good Legs Black Distressed denim.

Higher waist and super slimming
The Distressed area is perfectly done
These HUG curves and so far seem to keep their shape
There is a great waist fit with room for a big ‘ol booty

The crotch area seems to slide down on me, so I do still pull these up

Here I am rocking the new jeans, clearly I had to do a body suit to do right by these jeans.


I’m obsesed and highly recommend. Most sizes recommend sizing down, definitely follow the website instructions for sizing!

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