Cupshe: Another Sweater Success!

Let me just say…I’m in love with Cupshe. I was a little hesitant at first, so far I bought the plaid dress and just thought it might be a fluke. You can see that dress in a previous post.

I tried again and figured, let me see if this is a new lovesite, yes, I’m combining love and website. I ordered THIS sweater, and I love it. If you’re a bit shorter you could even rock this as a dress!

I paired this with my favorite leggings and rain boots and warm socks for our first official snow fall!

I love how this hugs curves, it doesn’t shy away from them. It’s a great length for covering your bum if you’re not comfortable showing that off. (Clearly not my usual problem, but I like it for winter.)

This particular piece is super warm, it’s perfect for throwing on and feeling instantly put together and cozy at the same time.

Cupshe, definitely worth a try!


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