Amazon Jacket: This One Is a Layering Dream

I love Amazon wishlist! We have been using it within our family for a while and it just makes gift buying so much easier.

I found this jacket on Amazon and after reading tons of reviews, always important with Amazon, I added it to my wishlist.


My Mother-in-Law bought it for me and I was so excited. I wanted a super fitted look, and was even more ecstatic to find out it has THUMB HOLES. There’s an interior layer that is sweatshirt material and the outer is a faux leather.

This is perfect with longer layers underneath, great for warmer winter days, the fall, and early spring.

Here I am rocking the jacket and how I styled it:


I paired it with a turtleneck sweater I love and distressed denim! Love this look and one I plan to wear a ton.

Love this jacket? Get it here!

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