How to Rock Winter Chambray and a Button Front Skirt

Chambray isn’t just for summer. I wanted a way to wear it in winter and not freeze to death.

Recently I tried out poshmark, for an inexpensive way to test out a button front skirt. Skirts are hard on thick thighs, so I went for a knit, which worked out perfectly. The skirt was actually too big  (yay!) So I had to YouTube an easy way to take in skirts. Taught myself something new yesterday! 

I paired the skirt with my Chambray button up, tucked in to accentuate my waist and play up my curves. I added my rocksbox necklace for some sparkle and dimension and finished the look with my over the knee boots from dolce vita boots! They keep you warm in that 23 degree weather. 

I wore this to a 30th birthday, and loved how it all came together. I will definitely be rocking this look all winter long.

Here are some other views:

Here’s to a new go to look!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. tom says:

    Works to perfection. Also great boots

  2. meganlogue81 says:

    Thanks so much! I hunted the boots down during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. They’re amazing!

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