Trying Out the Stitch Fix Luxe Life!

Stitch Fix now has high-end pieces and I’ve recently cleaned out my closet and life and decided to stick to the basics. I’m building my wardrobe with great pieces that mix and match and make me feel amazing.

I decided for this Fix to ask for mostly Luxe items and I’m so pleased with what I got.

I have been busting my butt for the last year with Tone It Up and lost some weight so I desperately needed new skinny jeans in a new size (yay!) I asked for light and dark washes, since my normal routine is to gravitate toward dark wash because of my curves. Here’s what I got!

  1. Paige Hoxton Skinny Jeans– these are high-rise, dark wash and claim that they will not lose their shape. I loved them, but high rises hurt sometimes, let’s just be honest. I have tons of dark wash so these are going back.

    VERDICT: Going back. Feel AH-mazing on.
  2.  Paige Verdugo Skinny Jean– Okay, this is the first time I have swooned over a light wash jean. These are a medium rise, super-skinny fit, so they’re tight right down to the ankle. These also claim to not lose their shape. They feel like silk on my body.  Also…dat ass in these jeans!

    VERDICT: clearly keeping this. Light wash skinny jeans that I adore for my wardrobe…CHECK!
  3. Pixley Carlton Off-The-Shoulder Top– This was the only non-luxe item and I really wanted to get something for all the shoulder play I’m seeing this season. I’m obsessed with this top. Normally off the shoulder looks odd on me, or hits in the wrong spots. This is super cute, cotton, and amazing for the heat wave that will be here soon.

    VERDICT: yes you can come play in my wardrobe adorable shirt!
  4. Kate Spade Harbor Quilted Crossbody- dear god, this purse. You know how there are certain items you stalk all the time, especially if you have the liketoknowit app on instagram. This style purse is one of my unicorns. It’s chic, it’s timeless, and dear god the leather feels amazing. I just could not bring myself to pull the trigger and spend that kind of money on a purse. I think I’m too hard on purses, shoes on the other hand, shoes I will baby and take care of, but not nice purses.

    VERDICT: Back you go my precious!
  5. Tart Blazer– let’s put it this way…wasn’t worth taking a photo of.
    VERDICT: back it went. Not into the way it looked on me, but into the idea of a high-end knit blazer in another fix.

Here’s what I learned, high-end pieces fit better, feel better and look better. Shocker, I know. I also learned that I’m willing to shell out the money for high-end pieces I know I’ll actually use. Denim for everyday, heck yes I’ll put out the money for that. A purse that I’ll mistreat and feel bad if it gets a mark, nope, not worth my time.

I’m so happy I ventured into the Luxe assortment and will definitely be trying out more pieces from the Luxe assortment when I need classics or staples.

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