The Chrysalis Cardi: A Two Year Obsession!

Have you ever had that piece of clothing that you’ve looked at for years, wanted, lusted after?

That’s the Chrysalis Cardi. Although I adore fashion, I love to pack light on my adventures because nothing is worse than lugging around a giant suitcase up and down stairs, on multiple trains, on multiple planes.

I have also become obsessed with packing light, I have a whole post on it here!

All of this brings us to the Chrysalis Cardi. I’ve read reviews, other travel bloggers have posted, I’ve researched, I’ve watched videos, I’ve stalked the website for sales…But finally, even my husband said “Megan, just buy the damn thing, it’s been 2 years.”

This is a convertible piece of fabric that can worn in a multitude of ways. I love the idea of this, that I can take one piece of fabric and a tie, and create multiple looks. It will save so much space in my suitcase!

Here’s a few of the looks I created, some that the website suggest, some I created on my own. I cannot wait to play with this and figure out even more looks.

I’m obsessed. I’m so glad I spent the money and I cannot wait to take this bad boy to South Africa. It also works as a scarf, another shirt, a cocoon cardigan etc.

Let me know if you have any hacks or Chrysalis Cardi hacks!

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