The Bell Sleeve: Fashion is Cyclical 

If you were growing up in the 70s you might be having some deja-vu, 70s styles are back in a big way. While I’m not on board with all of them, gimme all the bell sleeves.

Here’s my equation for this look:

-all about your basics.  Get yourself comfy and flattering black leggings for fall, they’re crucial. 

– have solid tanks and knits you love,  this is a tank from ex officio that washes and dries in sinks so it’s awesome for travel. 

– add your fun layer, today’s is the bell sleeve sweater. 

Rinse and repeat with a different layer. 

Basic legging+basic tank+fun layer+OTK boot

Your outfit won’t be crazy expensive and you can try out this season’s trends without breaking the bank. 

Sweater is from stitch fix, boots Vince camuto, leggings are rune leggings from such fix too! 

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