Amazon Fashion Steals!

Fashion is fun, but it can break your bank. Although I know spring is around the corner, accessorizing for winter, and keeping warm is still a must, (especially with a trip to Iceland in a few weeks.)

If you’re looking for amazing sunglasses, look no further! Super cheap and so cute on! I found these from a Facebook group and I adore them. Tons of colors and options.


I also adore this hat for winter, super thick and great for keeping you warm as we finish out winter.

This hat is great if you wear your hair down a decent amount, wouldn’t recommend if your hair is always up.

Pick colors that work with your winter coat. Black is always an easy go to, but there’s tons of other options. The glasses I picked were to complement my hair color. Pick the best colors for you and accessorize this winter girl!

Let me know if you snag these!

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