Staying Warm and Stylish In Iceland

Any other ladies out there have the constant travel struggle of wanting to look cute while still being practical for travel?

Welcome to the club ladies.

I recently traveled to Iceland (book a ticket now if you haven’t,) and knew that the weather was crazy, it was cold, and it was going to be windy as hell. I found a few super helpful tips and decided to share my own since everything worked out well with what I brought with me.

Here’s what we did and essentials I packed that I think would be helpful. Obviously if you go in winter bring all your winter norms, I’ll highlight a few but be sure to have your warm base layers, gloves and hats. Also these socks! Also for your makeup, highly recommend this guy for traveling. Made having my own mirror and doing my makeup easy.

We were there 5 days (1 was mostly a travel day) and 4 nights and did the below excursions to see if it lines up with what you’re doing. We went in February, a pretty brutal weather month, but great for northern lights seeing.
– Reykjavik walking tour
-Northern Lights cruise on a boat
-Private Golden Circle Tour
– Food Tour/Blue Lagoon
– South Coast Tour
-Travel day

Here’s my top recommendations:

  1. GIANT COAT. I took this
    steve madded puffer
    My group referred to her as “snow beast” as this is GIANT has a hood, puffer warmers around your neck and the option to use buttons or zip this up. Let me tell you, I was the ONLY person on the night cruise that didn’t have to go inside. Was this the most “attractive” coat,  no, but it was fine in photos.
  2. 2nd smaller warm coat: I took this: I got a discount through stitch fix. This bad boy is worth the investment, packable and it worked out great for some of the day trips with warmer weather.
  3. Get yourself 1 million hats. You will see NOTHING you are wearing on the tours we did so we all traded hats within the group. Got a super cute one here:
    We never used our sunglasses but refused to miss a photo opp with them, and I got the ones I’m wearing here
  4. As you can see in the photo above and below, weather changes REAL fast in Iceland. I just prepared with a zip up in my backpack at all times so I could shed my coat and wear just that over a thermal. You’ll also notice SKI PANTS. Ladies, I don’t ski, I don’t do winter excursions so I found a cheap pair on amazon and they ROCKED MY FREAKIN SOCKS. So warm, wore them over a fleece lined workout pant and I was fine. I got an XL, and I’m a 12/14 and they were rather big, but glad I had the extra room if I wanted to layer tons.
    At one point I shedded “snow beast” and just rocked my ski pants and a thermal shirt. Just go to TJ Maxx, buy 3-4 under armour winter running tops, and you’re set. I wore those as my base layer with fleece lined workout pants that I got from TJ Maxx too.
  5. Scarves are your best friend. Find the biggest blanket scarf you can and buy it in different patterns. The wind is like nothing I have ever experienced and a scarf helps your face not get wind burn.
    I found this one on a sale, it’s HUGE and I brought a red plaid one as well that I got from Stitch Fix. Loved them both and wore a scarf almost every single day. If not, shove it in your back pack, weather changes quickly in Iceland.
  6. Winter boots you can walk in and look cute: I got this brand on ebay for 30 bucks.

    Here’s the exact name if you want to search them: Northside Women’s Insulated Waterproof Winter Snow Boots Weatherproof.
    Wore these every single day, on the plane there and the plane back. Super warm, super comfy, and super cute. Can’t beat the price either. Recommend sizing up a 1/2 size on these.
    snow boot

  7. For the blue lagoon and geothermal spas I bought a cheap suit so I could throw it out and a swim cap because I heard horror stories about people’s hair being ruined. Doesn’t make for the cutest pictures but I was glad my hair was protected.
    Blue LagoonIMG_1355
    Secret Lagoon (pretending to be synchronized swimmers with our caps)
  8. We had one fancy dinner scheduled and I obviously had to glam it up a little so I brought my spanx leather leggings (wait for the nordstrom annual sale for these,) and paired with a blouse. I layered it all with my new Faux fur favorite glam jacketfur jacket
    I also found Kate Spade booties at TJ Maxx for $60, INSANE RIGHT?! Had to wear them with this look:
    kate spade.jpg

I had an amazing trip with the best travel group a gal could ask for. Basically, if you’re going to Iceland prepare for all types of weather. Bring multi-functional pieces, warm base layers, and really good coats for winter. Accessories are your friend and will be the only thing that changes what you look like in photos.

If you have other questions about things to bring (aside from fashion) reach out, I’m happy to recommend!

Happy & Stylish Travels!

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