Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Review

Let me be honest, I was terrified to try this and the price was…steep.

I did my research for a long time, I saw the horror videos of people having reactions to it, I heard it could change your eye color…I saw it all.

As someone with super sensitive skin I was on the fence about trying this stuff for a long time, BUT, the clencher for me was seeing my old college roommate. Her lashes were long, they were lush and I just had to ask her “what have you been using?”

Guess what it was: Lash boost of course.

I finally took the plunge after seeing one of the instagrammers I love put up a video and a contact to R+F. I reached out to her and she helped me get started.

I think an important piece to all of this is being comfortable with the consultant you use. Mine will text me when my renewal is ready and I can text her back to push it or to send it. Nice perk that I’m all about!

Here’s my current results: I’m almost a full month in this Sunday.


Don’t mind that I look crazy, it’s so hard to get eyelash photos people!

Some things you need to know.

The top photo has NO mascara, and the lighting is better in my 2nd photo, so full disclosure there.

I can definitely see it working, my lashes are longer and fuller on the ends then they’ve ever been!

I use it as directed, and have had some irritation on my eyelid but used a little less and it’s gone away.

I love it, and will post at my 2 month mark to see where I am. If you have it in your budget, I highly recommend trying it. Do your research, read about side effects, be prepared, but if you’re comfortable, definitely give it a try.

My goal is to have thick, full, lashes even without glam makeup!


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