Coachella Worthy Look

Coachella just released their lineup for 2019, and it felt like just the right time to share my most recent “festival look.”

It can be a difficult find for a girl with curves when it comes to the barely-there festival fashion. What was important to me was feeling good in what I was wearing and feeling confident.

I started with a high-rise short that is amazing. I actually found these for a friend who is a much smaller size, but after reading reviews, curvy girls were raving too.

Mine are a size 14, and they are super flattering and hold everything in! I paired them with a top I found on asos. Although this exact top is out of stock now, I’ve linked the “festival” search with many more fun tops to try.

I 100% was not walking around the festival in Denver in heels so I opted for a low bootie, and found super cheap ones on sale for less than $20 at a TJ Maxx. I actually got them so dirty that I just threw them out after, but for under $20, I was fine doing that and making room in my luggage.

I kept jewelry light since my top was full on sequins with fringe. I cannot tell you the number of women who stopped me and asked where I got this top. Crop tops are not just meant for size 2’s ladies. With the right high-rise short holding you in and making you feel like a boss, you can rock that crop top sequins and all.


What are you planning to wear to your next festival?

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  1. tom says:

    Rock that CropTop. You are Coachella ready and then some.

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