A Little Faux Fur Goes a Long Way!

Hello. My Name Is Megan. I have an addiction. It’s called Faux Fur.

“Hi Megan.”

Listen, all Leo’s have a constant struggle with sometimes being TOO much. I constantly have to rein it in, but when it comes to faux fur, NOPE, no reining in.

I love the way it instantly glams up a look. Here’s how to work it.

Start with a sweater dress for winter. This was a dress that I was Meh about. I managed to snag this one on a huge sale and now that I’m layering it, I love it. Perfect length for over the knee boots.

Add your faux fur vest. I found this one in a TJ maxx and technically, this is the inside of the vest. I flipped it inside out because I loved the faux fur so much, and I’ve been rocking it like that ever since.

Add your over the knee boot: Here’s a great one on sale at Macy’s with a wide calf. Girls, I feel you if you have a wider calf. I worked mine out so much that I can no longer rock the “regular” calf sizes. Who wants tiny calves anyway, amirite? This one is a wide calf and super cute!

Finish the outfit with a long but delicate necklace, I’m obsessed with Gorjana. The pieces are pricey but I swear by them. I love their rose gold pieces, great for fair skin and red hair! You can always catch a sale on Nordstrom or invest in them. The pieces are timeless.

There you have it. Easy Winter look that I did for a Farm To Table at a winery near us. Super comfortable too, always helpful when you’re eating out!


What’s your one fashion go to for winter outings?

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