When You Throw Axes, You Must Wear Plaid

Not sure if you’ve caught wind of the newest group event, Axe Throwing. I’ve been twice and I must say, I kinda love it.

As always, the second after I make plans to do something my immediate next thought is “But what will I wear?”

This one was a super easy decision. Axe Throwing=Plaid.

Great for a fall outing too, Holiday casual look, or a brewery.

Start with a buffalo plaid, this is actually a tunic style that I got at a boutique in my town. Here’s something similar here. Pair with a skinny jean you love, go for a high rise to really get the front tuck right (Tan France would be so proud of me!)

Here’s how to do the front tuck for ladies with curves, you ready. Twist your material to the side, then tuck that into the side of your pants and adjust accordingly. Trust me, this is how you get it done.

Finish with a comfy shoe. I opted for these, I knew there would be some running/moving and wanted an easy shoe to move around in. Also super cute finished with a bootie in black, or even a wedged bootie. If you’re really going for it, add an over the knee boot in black suede.

I finished the look with a delicate gold bar necklace, hurry it’s a buried bauble for $10 right now!

Easy, and ready for Axe Throwing.


What’s your go to for a casual night out with friends?

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