Masquerade Party: A dress and mask you will want to own.

I just attended a masquerade birthday party, a super fun idea if you have never been to one.

I know that my giant head does not do well in masks, so I had a good friend recommend a lace mask as an option. I had honestly never considered it, but I’m so glad I did. Heres the mask I’m wearing. Easy to adjust, and actually super comfortable. I was even able to wear lashes underneath the mask.

The evening was a cocktail attire so I wore a dress I had bought for a fall wedding, perfect for the winter outing. This dress is so complimentary for curves sadly it is saying sold out here but a similar dress is available here. Same designer, silhouette and material.

Normally I would go safe and wear a heel, but I went for it with a sparkly boot. I hunted these down during a sale and although the sparkles aren’t available any more there are fun reddish orange ones here. You can’t go wrong with a boot under $40.

I’m obsessed with how it all turned out, and although my feet hate me today, I’m so glad I went with the boots. If you go for them order a half size up!

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