Mermaid hair: thick curls that last all day

Having thick hair is a blessing and a curse.

Sure, I don’t have to wash my hair all the time, but that means when I do, it’s at least an hour to do my hair.

Enter the mermaid curl.

I do this style either right after a rough dry and semi straighten, your curls will look better when you start with straight hair, and to prolong a blowout when my hair is dirty. This works for clean and dirty hair, you’re welcome.

Here’s the key: separate your hair. I put half my hair up on top of my head and then split the remaining, 1/2 in front of each shoulder. I take small sections and spray with hair spray then let the beachwaver do its magic. Curl AWAY from your face. Spray each section before curling.

Is the beachwaver worth it?

YES. If you’re a lazy curler like me, it’s worth the money, it turns for you so you can’t mess up.

As you finish a section spray it all together but do not break the curls until the end. Let it be super tight curls and cool that way.

When you’ve finished your whole head then you can gently comb through with your fingers and there you have it!

Mermaid curls!

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