Fashion Nova Dress Success

I have never tried Fashion Nova but it kept popping up on my Social Ads and I was seeing pieces around here and there. It was time.

My husband’s work party is one of my favorite dress up moments each year. It’s a chance for both of us to dress up and let loose with friends.

This year I decided to give Fashion Nova a chance and I’m so glad I did.

Here is my dress selection:

This year’s astrology told me that 2019 was the Leo’s year to be Leo. Basically “go big or go home.” So I went for it with this collar. I was nervous at first but life’s too short to just wear a basic black dress all the time right?

Fashion Nova is definitely a site I’ll be adding into the mix. The quality isn’t super high, but you can find really good deals on items and if you’re curvy, the fit is impeccable. Sizing is spot on which is always nice when you’re in between sizes.

Highly Recommend giving them a try, the only downside is the Return Policy. You have to pay shipping to return and they don’t provide any type of label, so it’s all on you to get it to the post office, pay for it, and ship it out. NOT my favorite, but worth it for inexpensive pieces created for women with curves.

Ladies, if you have curves, try Fashion Nova.

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