AMAZON FIND- Paper Bag Pants For Curves

Anyone else get those fashion unicorns that you see on Instagram or online and you want to have them, but it’s just not working?

Usually they end with me just giving up on the unicorn, but this time…AMAZON DELIVERED!


Amazon Paper Bag Pants

Ladies, I have a curvy booty and thighs and normally wear a 14, so I went with the XXL in these and they’re perfect.

Some recs for this:
-Shapewear, they’re very thin and you’ll just feel more pulled in.
-A form fitting tank that you tuck into the pant. The whole point is to show off the top and tie of the pants so let it show girl!
– Delicate jewelry, you don’t need a ton, the pants are the show stealer.

If you end up getting these I want to know. I highly recommend and trust me, I’ve tried a lot of different stores to find a great pair.

These ones are SUPER stretchy and come in tons of colors!


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