Yes, buy that Amazon bikini

We’ve all been there…do I buy this amazon bikini. It’s in your cart, you’ve read reviews, but will it ACTUALLY work out.

Most of the time, no.

But this one is different.

If you’ve been seeing these pom high waisted bikinis all over Instagram there’s a reason, they’re super flattering, and not just on size 2 gals.

I’m a 14/16 after lots of hormones and IVF things, and was feeling Meh about my current body sitch.

This bikini brought me back. It’s comfortable, it’s cute and I’m here to tell you, it works on curves.

Heres an up close of the poms and details

Heres where to get it.

I loved this so much I have it in black and the white and Navy with red poms.

Trust me this is a goodie you’ll want in your summer bathing suit rotation!

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