Pregnancy first trimester fashion finds

Surprise! I’m pregnant so the fashion game around here is a bit changed for a while.

There are so many women who have amazing pregnancies and love being pregnant…I’m not one of them.

We struggled to get pregnant, and after IVF Being successful, I feel incredibly lucky to BE pregnant, I just don’t love it all.

My first trimester was spent with my head in a toilet so fashion needed to be three things: comfortable,able to hide a bump that wasn’t a bump yet, make me feel put together when I felt like shit.

I struggled to find things for a girl with curves, so here’s my top finds; many are sold out but it gives you an idea of silhouettes and styles that worked for me.

1. Culotte jumpsuits.

Brand: spense, got both of these colors.

Nordstrom Rack

Try to find a knit so it’s soft to the touch and the looser the better I found. Wore these a ton with a long necklace and fun earrings. Baby bump was popping out around week 14.

2. Oversized linen dress

Brand: beachlunchlounge

Nordstrom Rack

I sized up one size and wore this countless times in summer. Highly recommend linen if you’re doing any trimester in summer.

3. Maternity leggings

Brand: zella

Nordstrom during semi annual sale

I didn’t need these in the first trimester but honestly I had to size up clothing within my first 7 weeks so it was easier to just get these and go with it. Super comfy. I ordered a size up but wish I would have just ordered my regular size.

4. Super soft PJ Set

Nordstrom Lingerie brand

Got these during semi annual sale

I legit bought 3 pairs, these I did size up and Im so glad I did. They’re oversized and working with my trimester two popped belly. Obsessed with these PJs.

5. Dress for a wedding


This was perfect for hiding my mini bump, super light for summer and really a good price on Amazon. I waited for a lightning deal on this so it was a no brainer.

I’m into my second trimester and so stoked for fall. I have tons of new things shipping that I’ll share if they’re good fits!

If you have amazing finds for pregnancy life definitely send my way!

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