Postpartum splurges and budget finds

Oh hey, it’s been a hot minute since my last post.

Got through IVF, got pregnant, bought a new house, moved, and then had our lil guy 4 weeks early.

To say life has been an absolute whirlwind would be an understatement.

That being said, I wanted to share my postpartum survival pieces that have made so much of a difference for me.

**Disclaimer: everyone is different, every pregnancy is different, every birth story, and every healing process. These things helped me in recovery and new mom life so I thought I’d share

After giving birth (what a freaking insane thing that is…) I felt like my abs had just crawled off my body and I felt like one of these, just no support at all.

No one told me about that, and it’s different for everyone but I immediately had back pain because I had no core support.

Belly wraps

Enter the belly bandit:

I first tried their bff bandit, but I have an insanely long torso so it didn’t work on me, and ended up with the luxe wrap.

This is definitely not a cheap fix, but here’s why I love it. I immediately felt relief on my back, and it gave me core support right away. It does shrink you down more quickly, which was an added bonus but not my main concern.

If you’re buying one, MEASURE yourself. I was a medium, which is bonkers to me, but do it, it’s worth it for the investment you’re making.

The other great thing: their customer service. They have a chat right on the site, they helped me with fit, and my bandit eventually had a piece of metal poke out, no question, I sent a photo and they replaced it within a day.

If you want to feel supported, highly recommend.

Budget option:

I also tried this bad boy and it definitely pulls you in and gives support but the difference in FEEL is insane. I wouldn’t wear this one against your skin, it’s itchy and not nearly as comfortable as the belly bandit.

It’s a good option for core support and definitely not as big an investment.


I’m not breastfeeding, so this rec comes from someone who didn’t have their milk come in fully and pumps 4-6 times a day.

Hands-free pumping bra

Having your hands free is a game changer. You can eat, play on your phone, change your Netflix show, trust me, if you’re pumping at all, get this.

For comfort/sleep

I REALLY like kindred. It came recommended by other moms and they were right. Things are sore, and you just want comfort, these are fantastic for sleep and hanging indoors with your wee one (not tons of support, so my larger chested ladies, might not be a “wear outside” option.

For more support and pump access


Belly bandit mother Tucker’s

These are a splurge buy again, they go ALL the way up to your chest, which is amazing and paired with the belly bandit you just feel so supported and tucked in.

Budget option:

Amazon leggings people rave about

These were not as high as the belly bandit leggings, the material IS amazing but I wanted a higher rise for this time in life. Excited to wear these more once I can start working out again.

Shoes for swollen pregnant feet

Amazon find

My feet were bananas swollen so I sized up a whole size on these, but they’re amazing. Slip on and off, don’t need socks, super cute with leggings.

Target find

Super cute and trendy, also very comfortable for those swollen feet after pregnancy.

I’ve tried and returned so many things with this new postpartum Life and body, so I’d you want any more recs I’d be happy to share!