Thred up goody box review

I’m all for sustainable fashion and saw that thred up was doing a mail service box like stitch fix.

I was a stylist for stitch fix for 4 years and recently had to stop working there with a move and a baby, so I was curious to see what thred up had to offer.

The box arrived and was super cute, took a really long time, I actually forgot about it. They only charge a $10 fee for styling fee so it’s not a bad option.

I started pulling things out and the first one was spot on for my style

This was super cute, a higher end piece, but there was no way I was getting this on and off in a bathroom situation.

They also sent this fire workout top from fashion Nova

Another hit was this gorgeous blouse, fun details and great for spring

There was one more winner which is super similar to a maternity dress I loved this chambray number

Now for the down side of things. I filled out my profile with clear sizing and brands and was so pumped to see some jumpsuits, because I love a jumpsuit.

They sent me size ZERO pieces. Not just one, they sent four of the pieces in xs and size zero, which as a new mom with some new curves, was so disappointing.

I couldn’t even try them on so there’s no images to share but I did leave feedback because working for stitch fix I know the first box can be a miss and the second with feedback can be Dynamite.

I’m definitely going to give this another shot and I’m hoping they send all my correct sizes next time!

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